Deeply Emotional Americana Folk Rock n' Roll from Charm City


Lyric-Driven Americana Folk Rock n' Roll

With an identifiable quality like Bob Dylan, Adam Trice has a style that is alive with nuanced emotion. Carving ideas out of each experience, a great songwriter takes each and uses it to his advantage.
— Independent Clauses
Trice must be one of the most interesting of the lesser known (certainly in the U.K) singer songwriters, in fact I can’t work out if he is a largely talented poet who uses music to support poetry or if he is a singer songwriter who has a powerfully poetic talent: hopefully that makes some kind of sense! …The lyrics are beautifully written, the melodies are real ear worms, the playing and arrangements couldn’t really be better
— American Roots Music UK in review of album, True Believer
Adam Trice is Red Sammy, and that is an important distinction to make. His songwriting is inspired, simple and down to earth. Storytelling is a lost art to many indie musicians; a few come to mind, like Sedona’s decker. and Brooklyn transplant Charles Ellsworth. Both pull in ghosts from the greats as shadows to call on...Desperation is a shared and palpable thing, with taste, sound, and feel. Let Red Sammy settle in like a pair of well-worn boots.
— Lisa Whealy, Independent Clauses
If you like your singing gritty, your tunes roughly hewn from country blues and your poetry sharp and to the point, this is just waiting for you.
— Americana UK
Red Sammy’s Adam Trice crafts shambling roots rock on a foundation of hushed melancholia. Although his gravelly voice suggests a Dylan influence, his slow-burn delivery points to something more measured.
— Baltimore Magazine
As trotted out since 2007 and across numerous gigs and albums…Trice and a shifting cast of musicians explore what the band’s web site dubs “graveyard country rock,” an atavistic sound that borrows from the croon and ache of country, the plainspoken austerity of folk, and a touch of the clanking Americana of mid-period Tom Waits, all highlighted by Trice’s front-and-center lyrics and gravelly voice... themes of travel, departure, even escape
— Baltimore City Paper
Don’t be afraid to try something new…Red Sammy is brilliant
— Ricardo Baca, Denver Post
…in Trice, the band have a major songwriter who bears comparison with Malcolm Holcombe or Nick Cave. Not for the fainthearted perhaps but connoisseurs of the night should acquire forthwith.
— Americana UK
Red Sammy’s album, Creeps and Cheaters, shirks genre barriers and instead makes excellent tunes. If you’re interested in any type of alt-country, you’ll be interested in Red Sammy’s take on things. The growth that this album shows points to great things in the future, but that shouldn’t minimize the great things now: Creeps and Cheaters is the sound of a band hitting its stride and not slowing down.
— Independent Clauses music blog
Red Sammy remains very traditional and the sound does not lead into popular listening habits…could almost be described as psychedelic country…overall, those who enjoy Ryan Adams, the old Kings of Leon, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club might even give Red Sammy a chance.
— Soundmag Review, German music blog